Valid Disclosures

As the camping season begins, many Groups and Sections will be taking parents and Occasional Helpers on Nights Away with them to help provide a fantastic experience for their Young People.

Some of these will be adults that you only see once a year to help with the cooking and that is the extent of their volunteering with Scouting. With that in mind, it is vital to check in advance that they have all the correct “paperwork” to do so.

ANY adult staying overnight on a Scouting event, must have a valid Scouting DBS. This is clearly stated in POR and must be adhered to.

DBS checks can take some time to come back, especially during the camping season, so it is important that you check well in advance that all adults attending your camp/sleepover have a valid Disclosure.

There can be no exceptions to this rule, so ‘Be Prepared’!


Please get in touch if you need any help with adding adults to Compass or processing Disclosures. DC Surgeries are an ideal opportunity for this.