St George’s Activity Day 2019

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend at our annual St George’s Day event!

A few things to remember:

  • It can be very cold up on the racecourse, even in the sunshine, due to the wind. So, please make sure you and your young people wear plenty of layers.
  • The wind has also caused a few incidents with tents and event shelters in the past. So, please ensure you have extra pegs and guy ropes to anchor these securely.
  • You need 2 copies of your In Touch details for the day, one to hand in to the Operation Centre and one for you to keep.
  • Leaders may arrive from 8:00am to set up Group Areas and any activities you may be bringing or helping to run.

You’ll find below a copy of the map with all the activities listed on, we have lots going on in the Rapid Lad Bar this year!