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Reminder: Online NAN Forms

Camping season is well underway now, so just a gentle reminder of how NAN Forms should now by submitted, as launched at the January District Leaders Meeting.

Thank you to all those who have been submitting them this way so far! 

“NAN Forms will now be submitted through our Google Form which can be found at

This has all the questions on that a NAN Form has but takes away the need for Leaders to have Microsoft Word to complete it. It also means that Leaders can complete their NAN Form from their phone too making it easier and quicker for you to do!

Each Group has been given a sign to display in your meeting places with a QR code and a link that take you to the online form. You can also access it from the top left-hand corner of the homepage on our District Website. The link will still work, even if the District Website is down.”

If you need any spare QR codes to display in your meeting place, please download them below. They can be printed 2 or 4 to a page as required.

NAN Form QR Code