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Notes from December DESC Meeting

Minutes of the Explorer Scout Leaders’ Meeting, 5th December 2017

Shaun Wilson – DESC                                                                  Lucy Carne – District Young Leader, Leader
Linda Thelwell – DC                                                                     Rachael Macadam – DDC
Simon Blood – South Cave                                                           Neil Begbie – Goole
Gayle Thomlin – Elloughton-cum-Brough                              Ben Unwin – Elloughton-cum-Brough
Russell Hodson – Kirkella                                                           Frankie Rankin  – Goole
Jane Mather – Hessle                                                                   Andy Threlfall – Kirkella
Simon Day – Ferriby and Swanland                                          Rik Hutchcroft – Ferriby and Swanland

Richard Moverley – Cottingham

Partnership Agreements & Accounts:
Each Explorer Unit needs to have these.
There are examples of partnership agreements on Scout Website.

DESC needs to see partnership agreements and accounts ASAP.

Leader Info/Emails:
DBS checks need to be kept up to date, don’t ignore any reminders to renew them.
Each Explorer Unit needs to have a separate email address for the group instead of using their personal emails.
Remember to sign up to District newsletter and remind the Explorers to, as well.

Termly Programmes:
Please email details of your programmes to DESC asap, so some groups can get together for certain activities.

BB District Explorers now have their own OSM account. ESUs need to share Explorer, Young Leader and Leader information to Blacktoft Beacon: District Explorers.
Training for OSM will be given on 20th January at Ferriby and Swanland Scout hut at 9:00am.

District Youth Commissioners:
The District is looking a Youth Commissioner aged 18-25 to sit on the District Exec. Contact Rachael

#YouShape Month:
February is #YouShape Month.  Ideas can be downloaded from

Adult Training:
All adults are responsible for their own training, making sure permits, DBS and safeguarding are all up to date. First day training needs renewing every 3 years, safeguarding every 5 years (at least every other one has to be in person, rather than online). Check Humberside Scouts website for training available:

District Explorer Activity
DESC is planning to hold a District Explorer Activity every month. This could be either a social event or fact finding. First to be held at Elloughton-cum-Brough on 22nd February, 7:00pm – 9:00pm. More details to follow.


Young Leaders:
Young Leaders must be at least 14. They all need to complete their Mod A training within 3 months of becoming a Young Leader. Training is through Humberside.

  • 23rd-25th February: Raywell, Mods B-E Young Leader training weekend (Mod A on Saturday)
  • 1st – 3rd June: Raywell, Mods F-I Young Leader training weekend (Mod A on Saturday)
  • 14th-16th September: Raywell, Mods B-E Young Leader training weekend (Mod A on Saturday)
  • 30th Nov-2nd Dec: Raywell, Mods F-I Young Leader training weekend (Mod A on Saturday)

To book a place for either Mod A or other mods, see County website and contact Lucy (DESCYL);


  • 20th January: DC Surgery to include OSM training 9:00am – 11:00am Ferriby and Swanland Scout Hut
  • 20th January: County run Mod 1E Training for Executive members (Book  in through the county website 9:30am – 4pm Ferriby and Swanland Scout Hut
  • 24th March: Wolds Challenge, Hotham
  • 29th April: St George’s Day Parade, Beverley Race Course
  • 18th-20th May: Campcraft Competition, Tablers’ Wood
  • 23rd June: Beaver Scientist Day
  • 6th-8th July: Gilwell 24
  • 12th-14th October: Fells Marathon, Edale
  • 11th November: Remembrance Sunday, Beverley Minister

Other dates to be confirmed:

  • May: Yorkshire Three Peaks
  • First week August: Agooneree
  • Last weekend Nov: Winter on the Hills
  • 4 working weekends: Tablers’ Wood

D of E
Possibly, Silver award could be done as a district.

A Million Hands
For more information see

Rules, Activity and Badge Updates
It would be worth looking through these changes and giving feedback on them.,LK4H,3D55GQ,28VZ4,1
Feedback can be submitted through this, by 2nd January:,LK4H,3D55GQ,296MY,1

Brad has stepped down as DSNC and we thank him for his time in the role. We are looking for someone new to take on the role as DSNC, you don’t have to be 18-25. If you’re interested in joining Network or taking on the role then
please get in touch.

Rockup would gladly hold a Leaders’ activity night free of charge.

2019 International Events
4 Explorers from Blacktoft Beacon have been selected to attend the World Scout Jamboree 2019.
A joint international expedition has been arranged with Grimsby and Cleethorpes. It will be for 2 weeks to Canada starting 22nd July 2019. It will involve 3 nights in youth hostel style accommodation in Vancouver, 6 night white water rafting to Smithers and a 3 night joint camp with Canadian Scouts. Cost will be approximately £3000.
There will be joint fund raising for World Scout Jamboree and the Canadian trip.

Thanks Yous
DESC thanked everybody for their continuing work with the Explorers and with helping to increase numbers across the district. The DC thanked Shaun and Lucy for their hard work this this year.

Date of Next Meeting
20th March 2018, 7:30pm at Sandpiper, Melton