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Five reasons Scout volunteers are the kindest people about

1 You show up every week. You’re a constant in many young people’s lives, you really care and they can tell (even though they may not show it when they’re running around like headless chickens).


2 You listen to your Scouts. You respect their opinion and what they want to do. You help them to find their voice when other adults are too busy to listen.


3 You give your free time. You’ve dedicated so much time and effort to meetings, organising camps and planning your Programme. You know it’s worth it because seeing a happy bunch of Scouts is far more rewarding than a night in front of the TV (most of the time).


4 You help the community. You encourage your young people to care about the world around them and strive to make positive change.


5 You change lives. You support your young people and really believe in them. That support helps them to develop the confidence they rely on throughout their entire lives.


Thank you for being so kind!