District Leaders Meeting – March 2020

In this rapidly changing world we will be holding our District Leaders meeting on Monday 23rd March via conference call. The previously circulated agenda  is now of very little relevance.  I will however keep it on file and pick up on items in the future. It is very important for every Group to be represented on the conference call so please make sure there is at least one representative from your group. There is no limit to the number we can have on the conference call so please invite any of your leaders to phone in.

You will be pleased to hear that we are using ‘voice only’ so you won’t get caught out with other seeing the colour of your living room wall or the sight of you in your PJs!! (Calls are charged at local rate and included in any minutes bundles people have.)

  1. Dial 0370 321 1164 at 7.30pm
  2. You will be asked to enter your PIN which is 1907
  3. You will be asked to say your name and then you will ‘enter the call’ and we will all be able to hear each other.
  4. Jayne (District Secretary who has kindly offered to take notes) and I will phone in from 7.20pm so we can make a list of ‘attendees’ as you all join the call.
  5. I will chair the meeting and John (District Treasurer) will speak to the item on District Financial support.
  6. For those of you who have not used conference call facility before, and to help it work smoothly, please don’t speak over each other and if you are not speaking please ‘mute’ your phone so we do not get loads of background noise! Lastly if you have a question just keep it in your head and at the end of each agenda item I will invite you to ask questions. I know this sounds a bit bossy, on my part, (nothing new there I can hear some of you saying!)  but trust me it will help the success of the conference call!

The revised Agenda

  1. Tim Kidd’s message 16th March 2020 Suspension of face-to-face activities
  2. District financial support  (John Jobling District Treasurer)
  3. Clearing /cancelling of the District Calendar
  4. This Year’s District AGM
  5. Tablers Wood, our District campsite
  6. The Great indoors
  7. Adult Training, online safety and safeguarding (Wendy Macadam, local training manager)
  8. Support for each other, our families and our local communities
  9. Conference call facility (Pete Colley, GSL, Gilberdyke)
  10. Keep in touch

If you have an agenda item you would like to add please let Linda know in advance.