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Boredom Busters

This week’s activities will keep you warm while camping in the cooler weather.

Craft: DIY hand warmers

Fend off the cold while camping this autumn by making these hand warmers, which are small enough to squeeze into your rucksack.

DIY Hand Warmers

Outdoor: Build a Swedish fire torch

Keep warm around a slow burning Swedish fire torch. It’s straightforward to build and the finished product will definitely impress your friends! For more fire building techniques, take a look at this useful resource.

Build A Swedish Fire Torch

Food: Lemon French toast with poached plums

This recipe requires minimal effort, is packed full of flavour and perfect for large groups. Try making this zesty sweet treat over a campfire using two skillets.

Lemon French Toast With Poached Plums

Indoor: Games to play inside tents

These campsite games are perfect for keeping everyone entertained if your camping trip gets rained out.

Games To Play Inside Tents

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