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Sailing – stage 3



How to earn your badge
Before you attempt Stage 3, you need to have completed all the steps for Sailing Stage 2. You then need to complete all the tasks outlined, ideally in a different boat to Stage 2.

If you’re using a keelboat, you don’t have to complete steps 1-3.

  1. Prepare, launch and recover your boat in an onshore wind.
  2. Show the correct way to store your boat ashore.
  3. Show you can right a capsized dinghy as helm or crew.
  4. Show you know how to recover a man overboard.
  5. Demonstrate an ability in:
    • sail setting
    • balance
    • trim
    • course made good
    • centreboard
    • taking upwind
    • gybing from a training run
    • coming alongside a moored boat
    • picking up a mooring.
  6. Learn how a sail works and its basic aerodynamics.
  7. When sailing, show you can understand and use basic terminology, such as windward, leeward, and bear away.

If you have achieved The Scout Association Personal Activity Permit for Dinghy Sailing or hold the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme Stage 3 you can automatically gain this badge.


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