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Nautical Skills – stage 4



How to earn your badge

  1. Develop your skills in two water based activities. Show competency  and technique in:
    • launch and recovering a watercraft
    • manoeuvring a watercraft
    • communicating with the group
    • knowledge of safety.
  2. Take part in a capsize and recovery drill for the two watercraft you have chosen.
  3. Use a throw bag or line to reach a person six metres away in the water.
  4. Show you know how to apply the steering rules to your chosen watercraft and recognise the main channel
  5. Use a knot (either a round turn and two half hitches or a bowline) or a cleat correctly to moor a boat with a painter or mooring line. Describe what you need to be aware of when using these to moor.
  6. Complete one of the following:
    • Pipe the ‘still’ and ‘carry on’ on a Bosun’s call.
    • Make a sail maker’s whipping and one other type of whipping and safely heat-seal the end of a rope. Describe the correct use of these whippings.
    • Make an eye splice or a back splice and safely heat-seal the end  of a rope. Describe the correct use of these splices.
  7. Name the parts of your chosen watercraft. If you have completed Nautical Skills Stage 3 you must choose a different watercraft.
  8. Take part in a challenging three-hour expedition or exercise afloat.
  9. Take part in a competition or crew-based activity in your chosen watercraft.


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