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Information Technology – Stage 4



Complete the following:

  1. Explain to the assessor the laws which concern the copying of software, access to computer systems and storage of personal information.
  2. Create a simple website for your section.
  3. Explain how an IT system is used by a major user, eg a supermarket chain or a bank.
  4. Show how that you have used IT in your daily life over the last six months, eg to research, download music etc.
  5. Explain the following terminology:
    • macros
    • web publishing
    • video conferencing
    • multi-tasking
    • drag and drop
  6. Choose two additional activities out of the following:
    • Evaluate a range of professional websites.
    • Produce a range of information literature on an agreed theme, eg ‘how to be more environmentally friendly’ – leaflets, posters, fliers etc.
    • Produce a complex database for a specific purpose.
    • Take part in a video conference with a Scout from another part of the world. (An idea opportunity would be Jamboree on The Internet which happens every October)
    • Demonstrate your ability to use a control programme, eg Lego Dacta, LOGO beyond a basic standard.
    • Create a list of social networking sites, list what you use them for and how you use them and the internet safely


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