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Information Technology – Stage 2



Complete the following:

  1. Produce a list of rules for using the internet safely and what dangers can be found on the internet (resource packs are here)
  2. Describe what you would use each of the items listed in Stage 1 for.
  3. Show that you can save a file and open that file at a later date.
  4. Choose two additional activities out of:
    • Access the internet safely, to research a topic of your choice and create a short presentation using the software of your choice
    • Use a digital camera to take some digital photographs and use a piece of software to enhance or alter the original photographs
    • Use a piece of software of your choice to produce a set of matching stationery for an event, eg birthday, place cards, invitations, posters etc
    • Produce a series of newsletters for your section over a three-month period


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