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World Faiths Activity Badge – Scout



How to earn your badge

  1. Complete one of these activities:
    • Visit a place of worship for a faith other than your own. Find out the differences between this building and your own place of worship.
    • Attend a religious festival for a faith different to your own.
  2. Complete one of these activities:
    • Learn about the life of a founder or a prominent leader of a faith. You could learn about people like Prince Siddhartha Gautama, Mohammed, Jesus Christ or a saint such as St George.
    • Find out about someone whose faith has had a significant impact upon his or her life.
  3. Read a sacred text from another faith. Show how it compares it with a similar teaching from your own faith.
  4. Find out how following the teachings of another faith affects an individual’s daily life. This could include food or dietary laws, rituals,
    prayers or religious observances.


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