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Snowsports Activity Badge – Scout



How to earn your badge

  1. Show you understand:
    • the clothing and protective equipment to wear for different weather conditions, snow and artificial surfaces
    • the safety features of your equipment, such as bindings and brakes
    • the importance of warming up before taking part in snow sports
    • the importance of drinking plenty of fluids, especially in the mountain environment
    • the safest places to stop on a run
    • the importance of staying together as a group
    • what to do in the event of an accident
    • the FIS safety code (published by the Federation International de Ski)
    • the hazards of the mountain environment for snowsports.
  2. Reach the standard in one of these options:
    • Snowlife Snowsports Ski Awards level two
    • Snowlife Snowsports Snowboards Awards level two
    • Snowsport England Nordic Award level one
    • Complete at least 16 hours of snow sports as part of a family or school holiday to a ski resort.


Top tips
There are international equivalents for number 2. In France, it’s the ESF Flocon (which means ‘snowflake’) or One Star and in Italy it’s the Scuola Italiana di Sci One and Two Star Bronze.


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