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Physical Recreation Activity Badge – Scout



How to earn your badge

  1. Regularly take part in an active sport or physical pursuit, which you
    haven’t already gained an activity badge for. It could be a team game like rugby, football or water polo. Individual sports like tennis, running or gymnastics count too, so do pursuits like walking, yoga, ice skating or dancing.
  2. Show a reasonable level of skill in your sport or pursuit. Show how you’ve improved over time.
  3. Explain the rules or guidelines that govern the sport or pursuit you chose.
  4. Show how you would prepare before taking part in your sport or pursuit. You could run through any special equipment or clothes you need and any warm-up and warm-down routines.
  5. Explain how to care for the equipment you use. Explain what you should look out for when the equipment is nearing the end of its life.


You can gain more than one Physical Recreation badge for different sports or pursuits.


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