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Air Spotter Activity Badge – Scout



How to earn your badge

  1. Learn to recognise, by sight, 38 out of the 50 aircraft listed in The Scout Association’s Aircraft Recognition List.
  2. Complete one of these activities:
    • By yourself or with another Scout, take photographs or collect
      pictures of at least 10 different aircraft types. Name the different types and their uses.
    • Keep a log of aircraft you’ve spotted over at least four weeks. Note down dates and times, the aircraft you saw and distinctive features you can recognise them by. Also note the aircraft’s approximate heading.
  3. Complete one of these activities:
    • Recognise and name the national aircraft markings, both service and civil, of at least six countries including the United Kingdom.
    • Learn the RAF and NATO system of letter designation according to aircraft function. Give examples of three designations.
    • Name three basic training aircraft used in private flying. Give a brief report on one, naming a club and airfield where it is used. Try to make it a local airfield, if possible.
  4. Describe the main features you would use to recognise six aircraft, which have been chosen by an appropriate adult.



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