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Global Issues Activity Badge – Explorer



ow to earn your badge

You need to complete three of these activities:

  • Spend three days living on food that costs no more than £2 a day. Keep a diary of how it went and share your experiences with others.
  • Using cardboard, build a shelter and camp out in your local area to understand and experience the challenges faced by homeless people.
  • Explore different media outlets to find information about migration and immigration. Review what you find and discuss with your Unit your thoughts and feelings about the information and how this issue is perceived  at a local and global level.
  • Compare youth issues between the UK and another country, such as voting age, access to education or youth services and discuss with your Unit.
  • Give a presentation to your Unit or another section about a global issue that you feel passionate about. Perform an action such as signing a petition about the issue, researching a charity or writing to an elected representative.





Every individual  who undertakes an activity badge should face a similar degree of challenge and as a result some requirements may need to be adapted. It is completely  acceptable to change some of the requirements of the badges to allow individuals to access the badge (for example where there are special needs, cultural issues, or religious considerations to take into account) and the requirements outlined for activity badges do allow for some flexibility in order to obtain the badge. If you would like help or advice when considering adapting the requirements of a badge please contact UK Headquarters.


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