Badge Support | Climbing

Whatever the weather, climbing is a fun and challenging activity to try with your section.  It’s a perfect activity to take your section out of their comfort zone, great for developing teamwork and communication skills, and suitable for all ages. 

There’s lots of guidance on this activity, including Bouldering Climbing Abseiling and High ropes.

To get started, you could take your section to learn the ropes at Scout Adventures or Scouts Scotland National Activity Centres.



Bouldering is a great way to introduce Beavers to the world of climbing and you don’t need a permit to do it. It’s an ideal activity for Beavers to develop their motor skills and try something new. You could try this with your Colony as one of their adventurous activities as part of their My Adventure Challenge Award.

There are lots of places to go bouldering, whether you and your section are new to it or not. You can find some of your local indoor centres in this directory. You can also do it at Scout Adventures and Scouts Scotland National Activity Centres.

When your Beavers have got the hang of it, why not get creative and introduce some games or challenges. Challenge your Beavers to climb using particular areas of the wall, or to follow coloured climbing routes.

Encourage your Beavers to practice teamwork and communication skills, and work towards their Teamwork Challenge Award. You could put them into teams of 3, with one Beaver blindfolded, another instructing, and another ‘spotting’ to help the blindfolded Beaver land safely if they fall. Or you could challenge them to carry something from one end of the wall to the other.

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Push your Cubs’ boundaries by planning a climbing session as part of the Our Adventure Challenge Award. Most indoor climbing centres have auto belay facilities available, and you don’t need a permit to climb. A mobile climbing wall also makes a great addition to a District or County event.

Take climbing to the next level, by including games and challenges. How about a race, or asking your Cubs to carry something from one end of the wall to the other.

Keen climbers could continue to develop their skills whilst working towards their Sports Enthusiast Activity Badge.


Scouts – Climber Activity Badge

The Climber Activity Badge is a great opportunity for Scouts to develop their climbing skills by taking part in different climbs, learning how to set up and maintain equipment, and learning the safety rules. They will also find out about the calls used in climbing. Watch this video for more information.

If you’re running this activity with your Troop or Unit, you will need to find a permit holder. Then, find a man-made climbing wall or other places to climb.

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ExplorersClimber Activity Badge

Explorers can continue to develop their skills by taking on more ownership and responsibility. Ask them to learn how to belay each other, read information in climbing guidebooks, and learn the grading systems for climbs.

There are plenty of brilliant places to climb on natural rock (most of which are free). One of the most popular areas of the UK is Stanage in the Peak District. There are also plenty of climbing companies who run courses.

Keen climbers in your section could work towards gaining a personal or leadership permit.  Get them to look at the resources for young people interested in gaining a permit.