5-minute filler for Beavers

Get your section to work on their concentration skills with this mirroring exercise.  

Divide your section into pairs and have each pair standing facing each other. One person is Person A and the other one is Person B. In the first round, Person A is leading and Person B must try to copy all of Person A’s movements as accurately as possible.

Remember, this is mirroring so if Person A is lifting their right hand, Person B must lift up their left hand.

After a few minutes, change to the second round where Person B is the one leading and Person A is mirroring.

Lastly, in the third round get the whole section to form a big circle where everybody must mirror everyone else. During Group Mirror, nobody should be leading and, instead, everyone should be trying to mirror the other people in the group.

For this exercise to work, the movements should all be very simple so young people can follow easily.