10 reasons why we love winter


At this time of the year, getting out of bed can be a real struggle. But, as you slip your feet into some fluffy socks straight off the radiator, you have to admit that it’s not all bad. Here are ten reasons to love winter.

1. New Year’s resolutions

Love them, hate them, stick to them or let them to lapse in February – however you feel about resolutions, it’s a nice feeling to know that everyone is making an effort to improve their lives at this time of year, even if it’s just in a small way.

2. Seeing the sunrise

Staying up for the sunrise is a summer novelty, which seems great on Instagram, but in reality almost always results in you being grumpy and knackered for the rest of the day. But, on sunny winter mornings, day after day, you’re treated to a perfect pink sky and the sun rising over the rooftops as you leave home.

3. Staying in

A combination of soggy weather and short days make staying indoors a tempting option at the weekend. In winter you can rediscover indoor pleasures like going to the cinema, munching through a box of popcorn with some friends and having a laugh at the latest film.

4. Winter fashion

Who doesn’t have a favourite woolly jumper, or two, or ten? Come next month it’ll be too warm for that ridiculous fluffy hat, so make sure you wear it at every possible opportunity. Go and put it on right now and appreciate its furry loveliness while it’s still acceptable.

5. Eating warm food

Soup, porridge, pies – anything goes in winter as long as it’s described somewhere on a menu as being ‘warming’. Carbohydrates are a winter staple too, so forget the diet and don’t scrimp on the portions during cold days.

6. Frosty weather

Waking up and finding the world outside has turned white and sparkly with frost is one of nature’s true wonders. Get out into the fresh, clear, cold air and enjoy seeing your breath turn into clouds in a perfect blue sky. Bonus points if you’re on some kind of farm or walking a happy dog.

7. Cheap holidays abroad

If you’ve somehow managed to save some cash during the Christmas excess, congratulations! Airlines and tour operators have January sales too – cash in on the low season and jet off somewhere swanky for a weekend.

8. Going out

If you’ve been eating carrots all year and have got yourself some amazing seeing-in-the-dark abilities, there’s lots of fun to be had outside in the winter. Wrap up warm and play games in the park, or head out to the countryside for some stargazing on a clear night. You might see the International Space Station if you’re lucky.

9. Fairy lights

The plastic Santa and slightly deflated snowman have been taken down, but there are some lovely twinkly lights left up in the windows and in the branches of the trees. Leave them there a bit longer and banish the darkness in the cutest way possible.

10. Duvet days

Climbing out of a warm bed might be the worst bit about winter, but surely climbing into it is the best. No matter what time of day it is, snuggling in the duvet is entirely socially acceptable, and almost certainly the warmest place in the house. Go on, have a hibernation day; you deserve it for making it this far through winter.